About Me and My Interest in Wargames

My name is Steven and I have been wargaming with miniature figures since 1976.  I was lucky enough to have a hobby store next door to the place my mother played Bridge once a week.  They had Osprey Uniform books, figures and paint.  They even let my mother look up the uniform information in the books and write it down and bring it home.  Growing up in Oregon I had lots of time with all the rain to paint figures inside the house.  My first figures by Minifig Napoleonic Russian’s.

My first battlefield was the pool table with all that green felt for grass.  Many times I fought Waterloo over that terrain.  Now I still like to paint figures and game many different periods, with the history side of things always being of interest to me.  So research is always a major part of my interests.

The figure armies I have now are Crimean War, 1859 French and Austrian, 1866 Austrian and Prussian, 1870 French and Prussian, Polish-Lithuanian Renaissance and Ottoman Empire.   I admit I am trying to cut down though and may sell some off soon.  I like so many have plenty of odds and ends of unpainted lead as well.

Over the years I have found painting figures relaxing and good for me.  I have painted everything from vikings of the dark ages to science fiction space marines.  I am especially fortunate it that my wife fully supports my hobby and likes that I get together with friends and have a good time.

The best thing to happen to me is finding a group of individuals who live near by and are also interested in the hobby.  This group which has some members come and go over the years is now called the Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria.  We get together on Wednesdays and at one member’s house who is lucky enough to have a basement we can use and great terrain.

This is my first attempt at a blog.  I have seen others on the topic of figures and really thought I would like to try to create one.  Now I have the time so here I am.  This blog will mostly cover figure painting, wargaming, books, movies and beer on occasion.  I hope people get something positive out of this blog.


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