Club Game Battle of Lund 1676 at Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria Part 1

Starting positions the Swedish Center near facing down the Danes at the Battle of Lund 1676

Getting together for a historical game after the HMGS Fall In convention one of the club members set up a Scanian war battle in 10mm.  Using Dannie’s 10mm Pendraken figures and The War of the Three Kingdoms, Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd edition rules  Dannie set up the Battle of Lund 1676 (Wikipedia).  Not perhaps the most well known period for most people the war being part of the Northern Wars and fought between 1675 and 1679 fought mainly on Scanian soil.  Scania being the territory on the southern tip of Sweden.

Lines of Swedish troops though outnumbered ready to fight for their king

I found the idea gaming this appealing for the Musket & Pike era and for its lesser-known qualities.  Being of Swedish decent, I was allowed to be the King of Sweden in command of the Swedish forces defending against the Danish invaders.  This being a winter battle also made the battle a bit different from some other games we have played in the past. I admit to looking up the history of the battle and we will see how hindsight affected the game.

Therefore, we started out with only moving the cavalry on the flank for the first 3 turns to recreate the large flanking move by the Swedish cavalry as in history.  I moved the cavalry on the Swedish right flank and charged which resulted in counter charges by the Danish cavalry.  What a blood bath, things were looking like a historical result at this point.  The Swedish cavalry went crashing in including the guard.  Good rolls by the Swedes were stymied by the Danish commander making the morale rolls, which kept some of the Danish cavalry on the field.  Casualties for both sides were high with it turning into a battle of attrition it seemed with the cavalry.

Swedish Cavalry under the King Charles XI move to flank the Danish line for the first 3 turns of the game.
Swedish & Danish cavalry show no fear the first turns moving towards combat if they only knew how deadly it would be.

In the center, the Danish troops just traded shots with the Swedish artillery the Danish guns doing more damage to the Swedish infantry.  The cavalry on the other flank moved towards each other the Swedish being outnumbered.  A bold maneuver by the Danish commander (Del) bluffing the charge got me to charge in with my cavalry or at least to attempt to charge.  Looking bad at first, I thought the Swedish cavalry might have been overextended but then decided what go for it.  I did not roll to charge with all my cavalry but Del did not make the rolls to counter charge so took the charge at the stop.  Potentially a chance to inflict massive damage and bad rolls led to tie the combat inflicting one casualty only each time.  Not a good look for the Swedish wing commander.

The Danish Commander drew in the Swedish Cavalry on the other flank away from the King bluffing charges which the Swedish Commander (me) fell for.

Death of most of the flanking cavalry as units charged and counter-charged then made morale rolls then fought more often to the death.

In the center, I did not move the Swedish infantry at all but the Danish troops who outnumbered the Swedish did not move either.  After all the bloodshed with the cavalry and all the losses on each side my attempt to be careful and conservative in the center I am not sure was the right thing as the Danish forces have more cannon.

Danish Center with the guns waiting for the Swedish advance.

The second night brought new players into the game and a new Danish commander who is actually Danish.  This night saw the Swedish center force trade artillery fire with the Danish cannon.  The Danes having more cannon but the Swedes having all heavier field guns. The Swedish right flank also took on a new dimension with the constant fighting pushing cavalry units all around the flank.  The Swedish forces just slightly coming out ahead.  The Swedish left flank saw fresh cavalry charges with four cavalry charges in one turn with two failing to make the charge and two going in.  The Danish cavalry used the advantage in numbers for a while pushing around the flank.  This led to a large amount of blood shed but both the Danes and Swedes pulled back to reorganize to conserve the cavalry.  The night ended with both side’s closer but still having killed more cavalry than anything else.

Slow advance in the Swedish Center as they take long distance cannon fire from the Danish line.
Swedish right flank Danish cavalry being slowly ground down as the Swedish start to win more battles.
On the other flank the Danish cavalry seek the destruction of the rest of the Swedish Cavalry with many units destroying each other.
The Danes on the left charge again and line up for more charges seeking glory or with the dice rolls mostly mutual destruction.

Two nights finished and still the center has not gotten engaged so this battle would resume for a third night. I will post the second part in a few days. Enjoy your gaming.