End of the Dark Ages Campaign

Well I didn’t play a major part in the game clubs Dark Age Campaign as I was not able to participate for sometime. I may not have been the only member not able to make it in person on Wednesday but I seemed to be the person with the lands that people invaded.

I don’t know what motivations the individuals who commanded armies in my place protecting my lands in the campaign had but they lost them. It appeared I was sandwiched between three other kingdoms and they took advantage of this and cut me up. The northern most kingdom was left alone by everyone and was I guess the place to be.

In the end most kingdoms stayed about the same in size but Ben’s Saxon Kingdom had it’s king killed. George’s Saxon Kingdom ended up with a fraction more land than everyone else so was the overall winner. My kingdom was dismembered. Brian’s kingdom was never attacked. In a way perhaps he was the biggest winner.

Now the group is going to start up a new campaign using the original Victory Games Strategic game The Civil War. The club is still feeling our way through which tactical rules set we will use. More on our first test game for the campaign next time.

Not added anything for a while to blog

Not that many people are paying attention I am sure but I have not posted anything in a while.  I have not been able to attend the annual Wednesday Night gaming get together for wargaming in sometime.  As my lack of employment has caused me to take work when and where I can get it.  That has recently led to working Wednesday nights so alas I am left without that outlet.

I have been painting some figures working on doing better quality work as opposed to turning out mass numbers of troops for wargaming armies.  This also has been slower than I would have expected.  At times I put the painting off for long periods as I have worked on other projects around the house and trying to get more work.  Such as getting a new computer and printer.  Hard to believe that the other computer that was really barely running was 12 years old.  Top of the line when I bought it but how they are deemed obsolete so fast.  I hope to post more often in the future.