Quick game for the club after Fall In Convention

The Wednesday after the HMGS Fall In convention Del thought up an interesting diversion for the club to play. Del arranged for an adventure game for the club with some Call of Cthulhu background. A group of cultish supported by natives at an ancient shrine were going to sacrifice a girl to bring about a ceremony for Cthulhu.

Yes each player Rick, Del, George and myself had one character player and then a group of cohorts with a primary objective and secondary objective. These objectives made for some interesting decisions and outcomes among the players.

George was Dirk from Chicago with his mobster fellows, I was the Phantom with my sidekick Bucky and fellows, Rick was the Native chief with his son and warriors and Del was Lord Olglethorpe the leader of the cultish.

No pictures were taken I am afraid so I can’t even begin to describe the great pulp adventure figures that Del has painted up. Oh yes, he has a lot of them I will mention.

I myself was unable to hit the broadside of the barn much of the game. Everyone used special events cards sometimes really fouling up someone else. I for one saved Lord Olgelthorpe from Dirk with a card as my secondary objective (as the phantom) after saving the girl was keeping him alive as he had my daughter captive. Dirk got the girl away at first but I shot up his men trying to get her back. Then the cultish got her back thanks to Rick.

My phantom character was killed which was a downer. I did kill the son of the native chief before this happened. Del took the risk of not waiting the full six turns for the proper length of the sacrifice ritual and his character was killed. George ended up with only Dirk left alive all his other personal had been killed.

In the end Rick was the big winner as he got the Cult as Lord Olgelthorpe was dead. Then George was the next winner as his goals was to save the girl (which he didn’t) and see that Lord Olgelthorpe was dead (which he was). I came next my character was dead, the primary goal of saving the girl was not completed and neither did I capture alive Lord Olgethorpe. Lastly Del as the cult leader was dead and he did not keep my character alive nor did he survive the ritual.

The game was fun and fairly fast paced. The event card added a really interesting change of pace to the game. I think I can speak for everyone and say all had a good time.

HMGS Fall In Convention this week

HMGS Fall-In Convention is coming up this week and is attended by a number of members of the Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria just as it is every year.  Del Stover, Kon and Rick are all GM’s this year.  Ben was scheduled to run games as well but his health might keep him away this year perhaps.  Del I know has from the beginning been a big supporter of Fall-In so always runs games.  Brian Kelley is also going up and attending but this year George and myself will have to bow out.

For those interested the club will be running a variety of games and I am sure the GM’s would love it if you stopped by.  Thursday night you can see Konstantine Gojnycz run a Battlestar Gallactica game Ghost Fleet at the Red LineDel Stover will be running a Tau vs Space Marines game also that night not using 40K rules but house rules.  He is also running  20 to 1 odds a fair fight for a Space Marine? Del always puts a lot of effort into his games especially the terrain so you might check it out.

Rick Horner from the club is also running some American Civil War games that people should catch Caught in Vice – 1863 using Johnny Reb rules on Saturday.  Del Stover will be running several American Civil War games and Sci-Fi games during the convention.

Wish I could make it this year but can’t spare the time.  Still I wish everyone that goes good gaming.  For a fun game try out any game being put on by a WNGA member as they are bound to be fun.

Battle of Fredericksburg and more Campaign moves

Being away for a couple of weeks I missed yet another battle in the eastern theater during the club’s American Civil War Campaign.  I will say that George and Kon seemed to hold their own very well against the Union attacks at Fredericksburg.

The name evokes images of senseless slaughter well at least to me.  Still even with the sunken road and wall this being a campaign game with gamers as general with the benefit of knowledge of the battle it was not one-sided.  As I was no there I have no pictures but even as the Confederate’s suffered a setback and were not 100% successful in gaining the objectives they did not loose the entrenchments so they held Fredericksburg even though loosing more troops.

So on the night of October 29th we mainly made strategic moves for the campaign.  This led to myself and George concentrating on supply in the Trans-Mississippi and Western theaters, as we built up forces and received new generals.  This included Robert E. Lee in the Western Theater.  Yet again not historical but so what we already had Jackson in the west.

Rick tried to move Grant down the Mississippi but Georg and I were more or less able to block him and hurt the supply line.  This included are using the CSS Virginia along the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers.  Again not 100% historical but the rules allowed it so as the generals we made the best possible use of what we had to use.

The eastern theater remained largely a stalemate as we maneuvered in the west.  Rick did make an amphibious invasion down near Wilmington, North Carolina but are local Confederate forces fought it off.  As members of the club are getting read for Fall In we didn’t actually game any battles out on the table but plan too after the convention.