Recent Figure Painting

I have taken a brake from painting up figures for wargame armies. During the summer I largely found a lack of time and the humidity in the house did not make the best conditions for painting. Now though I have been working on some fantasy figures.

These are figures I am painting for someone else. They have complained to me of the pre-painted Dungeons & Dragons figures so I thought I would paint some for him.  These are some shots of progress of a dwarf guarding a bridge I was working on.

(click for a larger image)



I actually broke the bridge once and had to remake the base.  I was not happy with the beard.  The figure is from a pack of Ghost Fantasy figures from Old Glory that I have had for years and never used.  This is actually the second figure I painted as I had not taken photographs of the first dwarf yet.


Overall I am working on finishing up a number of figures a couple of dwarfs all from Ghost miniatures.  A couple of Orks from Ghost Miniatures.  A Elf Archer from Reaper Miniatures figures and some other figures yet to be determined.  I am looking to do a thief and wizard to give them a real Dungeons & Dragons feel.

I also am putting in time and effort into the basing of the figures more than I usually do anyway.  This is practice for future projects.  The bridge is various sized hobby wood and the base is Masonite.  The rock cliff is Styrofoam I tried to look rough.  This is not the final finished product and my photographs are not really good.

I painted the figure with Vallejo, Foundry, Games Workshop and even an old Ral Partha paint that is still good.  As I said at the top and the photographs are not good the figure is okay but in a way I am using it to get back into painting after a big layoff.  These figures are all going to be gifts so I am being tough on myself and working to a higher standard.  In the future I will have more photographs of other parts of my work.