Another Dwarf for my Fantasy Figure Project

As I stated in a previous post I am working on a number of fantasy figures for someone else.  I am not a fantasy gamer per say though I do like painting the figures.  I think it is because there is a certain freedom with fantasy figures, no uniform books and people to claim you got the cuffs the wrong color for the figure.  I did start gaming with Dungeon & Dragons and the first figures I ever painted where fantasy figures.  The figures are for someone who plays Dungeons & Dragons but does not like the pre-painted figures they make now for the game.  I admit I have not really looked at these figures so don’t have an opinion about that.


I bought long ago some figures from Old Glory’s Ghost line of figures looking to have a Warhammer Army without the price of Games Workshop.  I did not do anything with the figures so this gave me a chance to paint the figures up and put them to use.  It also allowed me to work on my painting which I had ignored for a while this summer.  Also with these figures I am working on experimenting with basing and building better more interesting bases.


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DSCN1745 DSCN1746 DSCN1747

This figure I actually finished before the one in the previous post, I just did not take any photographs of it right away.  It is a Masonite base with some Flex Paste from Woodland scenic.  I was going for a setting inside a ruins so was looking for a rocky base with a ruined column.  The column is Secret Weapon Miniatures and bought from them on the Cool Mini or Not web store.

No I was not completely pleased with the look of this miniature but I did like the casting.  The long sword look pleased me and I thought it would be good.  The color I got for the armor and the effect was what I wanted.  I painted the armor black, then bronze then used Nuln Oil as a wash.  Then painted it steel, dry brushed gold and dry brushed silver on top.   The hair and eyes are not great in my opinion.  I don’t usually paint eyes in 15mm but I am trying to get out of my comfort zone.

DSCN1750 DSCN1751

This figure will be a nice gaming figure for Dungeons & Dragons I feel.  Next time I will try to do more with the column as well the base looks a little empty with it.  I have painted a dwarf mounted on boar as well.  That is for another post I think.