The Year in Review at the Club

The Games of 2015

Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria

The club I belong too that meets on Wednesday has been pretty consistent about one thing for a number of years. We will play just about anything. The group’s members has changed over the years a few leaving and moving away others coming in for short stints. A few have left figures behind which add to the periods the club plays.

Lord of Rings

Lord of Rings

I thought about just how many different periods and types of games we played in the year 2015. I myself know I did not participate in all of them nor did I always take pictures and write about them in the blog. We have a lot figures between the members. I also know we have figures from periods that were not used (some of them mine). For good or bad, we really have many figures and play most anything.


Here is a list of some of the periods and games I can remember playing in 2015 in no particular order.


Lord of the Rings

Warhammer 40K

Battleship Gothic

Battlestar Galactica

American Civil War (We played more than one rules set and even ran a campaign game that was complex and was not really finished to a conclusion. We did play many games some part of the campaign some not)

Boxer Rebellion

Zulu War

World War II

Pulp Fiction (This included multiple games of different types, treasure hunts, Dr. Who, spy etc.)

Franco-Prussian War

French and Indian War

American Revolution War

Napoleonic Wars (Using several different rules sets including Napoleon’s Battles)

Vikings vs Saxons skirmish level

I think I remember a Russo-Japanese war naval game as well.

Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40K


American Civil War

American Civil War

As we have figures for yet other periods it is most likely I have forgotten something. What the new year will bring I don’t know. We are supposed to be voting on it. It is true some members of the club have been making more and more inroads into the forbidden realm of fantasy. I can’t get all bent out shape about that myself I like to play most anything.


For myself I have gotten back on track for putting together scenarios and figures for 1859 Franco-Austrian, 1866 Austrian-Prussian and 1870 Franco-Prussian War games. Yes soon I will have them all painted, based and labeled again. Then I will try out the idea of running a series of games two per period. Then perhaps see if anyone wants to play one of the wars again. I am also looking at rebasing some Russo-Japanese War figures that have been put together by various past and present members of the club for the new Fire & Fury variant for the period and running some battles.

Club’s Last Game for 2015

We got together just before the end of 2015 not a large affair just four of us. We decided to be somewhat simple and not have a large Napoleonic battle. Therefore, we played Lord of the Rings. Last time I played, I was on the side of good so I decided to be on the evil side this game. Points be about even the orcs had a difficult task.

The orcs were to cross the river and eliminate the elves and Gandalf. All the elf figures had bows and a banner was present. The range for the elves is 24 inches versus the orcs 18 inches for those who have never played Games Workshop Lord of the Rings rules. The task of closing with the elves and destroying them would be very difficult indeed.

Evil waiting to cross shall they cross their Rubicon

Evil waiting to cross shall they cross their Rubicon

I had planned to just rough it and try to go directly across the river with my warg riders and brave all the arrow fire. This was most likely not smart and it was suggested to me to go around the flank. I was not making enough time doing this. Over all it became apparent the orcs would never close with enough forces as the elves would just keep backing up and firing with the archers inflicting casualties. It was a very one-sided affair everyone agreed.

Elves and a Wizard oh my

Elves and a Wizard oh my!


I know George can't wait for the Wargs to cross

I know George can’t wait for the Wargs to cross


Orc's hitting the beach as Kon might say.

Orc’s hitting the beach as Kon might say.


The elves agreed to redeployment of evil troops and to try to defend the ruins as a victory condition. This allowed for a more even game. Along game the wargs and warg riders from the opposite end of the table. Meanwhile the troll an orcs tried to close from another side. This brought some close melee rounds between the two sides for a change. Still the forces of good seemed to have the upper hand.

Defend the ruines

Defend the ruins


Climax of the battle

Climax of the battle

I would say that the forces of good used their magic powers to better results. In addition, the good forces were able to get out of some tight jams and not be surrounded. They kept the troll being misdirected with spells multiple times during the game. The evil forces bats and spiders though they look great never really got to be useful I am afraid. Even the warg’s were not as deadly in melee combat as I had hoped. Good wins all ties after all.

Both sides reached the break point about the same turn. The difference is the evil forces had more forces not in range of the Shaman so had a greater chance of breaking. This they ended up doing pretty much ended the chances for the evil forces twice in one night. The year ended for the good forces it would seem.

Still the excellent sportsmanship of Sean and George allowed for a more interesting evening for everyone else. At least not so one-sided as it started out anyway. Del as always supplied the really nice figures and terrain. Never had any myself but the Lord of the Rings figures are nice looking. The price is just what hurts me.

It was good to get together and get one last game in for the year. Time will only tell what next year will bring us.