Games Played in 2016

While in the previous post I spoke about how little I had posted and the one after that I spoke about the games I played in with the club I belong too.  This caused me to reflect on the different periods I played during 2016.  I would not consider 2016 the busiest year of gaming or painting ever by far.  I did play in a variety of games though.

Following periods were what came to mind.

French and Indian War


American Civil War (Did a bit a play testing of rules in 2016)


Franco Prussian War

Battlestar Galactica

Warhammer 40K

Lord of Rings

Wold War I Eastern Front (At a Convention)

World War II in Italy

Dark Ages Vikings vs. Saxons

I may have very well forgot some it is very possible as the potential is there to play so many periods now for me.  Still I hope to do more gaming in 2017 and be a better sport about it when I do get the chance to participate.



No Blogging for Sometime


Not posted to my blog for some time. Even though I played in games and painted figures just did not have the time. I really felt that life got in the way and at times I did not feel like it.

Sometimes you just don’t want to do anything but relax and paint and not really write about it or photograph it. That being said I did take a number of photographs of games over 2016 and hope to continue to do that in 2017. Perhaps I will feel more inclined to write more in a new year.


End of Another Year


Russians defending a town


The year 2016 ended and my posts have gone down in number but that I will address another time.  The year saw my participation in games go up and down.  I started out strong and then cooled off some and then started up again finishing kind of weak.  The club I belong too was very active this year both in games as usual on Wednesdays but also putting on a number of games at conventions.  I cannot claim to be good at that but several members of the club are very active, Del, Kon and Rick all participate in this.

The club played a variety of periods in 2016 which is not something new as we have a lot of figures all told collected among all of us.  This covers  many periods and subject matters.  I liked the fact that the club played several games with Rick’s samurai figures as that was something we had not done before and this was enjoyable.  We used the Killer Katana I and II rules which worked well I thought. See below for the report of those battles.

Battle of Nagashino Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria Part 1

Battle of Nagashino Part 2

I don’t always take a lot of pictures but here are a few from the year at the club’s games.


Dark Ages Figures from Campaign game



A Napoleonic game were I played badly and was a bad sport about it, I was clearly outclassed.

The club play tested some American Civil War rules several times.  This led to various discussions of parts of the rules which is what play tests are for.  Find the kinks and get better answers to parts of the rules.


Intense union commanders plot their strategy.


The union line faces determined confederate assault on the edge of the woods

The club is far from just into historical games as we have several members extremely interested in Games Workshop figures of different types.  There is definite fantasy and science fiction undercurrent running within the group.  Some might even say it is a major part of some people’s gaming are approaching it at least from a spending point.


Lord of the Rings the fight of Good vs. Evil



Warhammer 40K the Tau lurk in the woods.


As I mentioned the club whose members have changed over the years some seeing some people leave and move on plays a lot of different things.  Just before the end of the year and continuing into 2017 the club with Del setting it up got into an Italian World War II campaign.  This harkens back to earlier days of the club in the mid 1990’s when the club put together a large game Welcome to Sunny Italy game for the  Cold Wars HMGS convention.  This had several members painting up large numbers of figures for the German, American and United Kingdom Armies while Del prepared great terrain.  Spearhead is the rules we used them and are using now, more on that another time.

Over all 2016 was a mixed year as I did not game as much as I wanted but did enjoy doing some new things and getting back to some periods not gamed in a while.  I hope for a better 2017.