Blog Three Years Old

I almost did not notice it had been three years.  A couple of days ago actually I noticed that my first post was February 1, 2014.  That was a different time for me and I thought things would be different.  A blog was a new idea for me but it sounded fun and I wanted to give it a try.

At that time I was working part-time I thought a blog was as good as anything for me to spend spare time on.  Further, because of my work schedule it occurred to me that I would paint a lot more figures than normal and that would turn into more gaming as well.  Just like many things it did not turn out the way I planned.

Never really felt I got a good handle on blogging and making the blog look good.  Also did not paint as many figures as I thought I would.  Found that what I did for relaxation sometimes was not something I wanted to be doing all the time.  Lastly I spent most of my free time looking for work.

Still here we are three years later with the blog more or less going on.  This year I am planning on renewing blogging and trying some new things.  Mostly I will concentrate on the games I take part in but also will have posts on my own painting of figures.  Wonder what will be happening three years from now?  Enjoy your gaming.

2 thoughts on “Blog Three Years Old

  1. Thanks Del, I am glad someone enjoys the blog. At one point I was interested in the numbers but I have gotten away from that. It is just more for enjoyment and anyone like yourself who gets something out of it.

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