Club’s Italian Campaign

Troops holding towns are very tough to defeat in these games

Starting the last months of 2016 and here into February of 2017 the Wednesday Night Gamers of Alexandria have been doing a World War II Campaign game.  Welcome to sunny Italy.  It has been a series of attacks against German defenses by American forces the Germans tasked with delaying the Americans.  This harkens back to a club sponsored convention game of many years ago called “Welcome to Sunny Italy”.

This game saw us pitting British forces against German defenders trying to again stall the allied drive through Italy.  The rules set used for this was Spearhead.  Del built great terrain, while people painted up tons of figures.  We had tee-shirts made for the game it was a great event and time.  At his point we had people leave and take their figures so now we have Germans and lots of Americans.

I took photographs of several of the games over a number of nights but erased a number of them from my camera before my January trip to Sicily.  Yes I went to not so sunny Sicily but had a great time.  Having said that I still do remember the first night I played in was an experience as I had not played Spearhead in a while.

I was trying to take a town in the center while to my right another player was trying to drive up a steep hill and beat the Germans back.  The Germans were pretty thick in numbers here and the other flank was more of a demonstration keeping the left American flank occupied.  I learned my artillery rolls were crap so could not drive the Germans from the town.  The only good point was my smoke rounds were blocking his lone tiger tank from seeing me so somewhat covering me over some open ground.  Ultimately I pulled back and regrouped and found a way around the town after dislodging one German Company.

That was kind of new to me or at least something I don’t do very often. We some plan is not going well pull back to stop taking casualties and come up with a new plan.  I don’t do that often during a game and just usually play things out to the end but this was for some reason something that occurred to me.  The German forces more or less one the game even though they retreated they delayed the Americans.

Next game I participated in over several weeks I was the lone American player.  I had lots of troops and failed to use the lessons learned previously.  I became inflexible and stuck with a plan that caused me to lose lots of troops.  In the end it was a kind of victory but at high costs.  I felt I had lost too many troops for it the game to be considered an American victory.

Each game we played in the game had the Americans trying to push the Germans back and ultimately they would because of numbers.  I felt that even though the battles were each considered an American victory it was always a good delaying action.  The German side was always more fun to play I felt also.  The Germans always delayed the American even if they could not stop them.

Artillery was very potent in this game.  You really need to put your artillery spotter in a good position it really made a difference.  On a number of nights different players found that out the hard way.

I did not do a complete After Action Report for any particular battle as they were all somewhat similar.  The Americans needed to push on beyond the German held lines and the Germans needed to delay them until the next lines were completed.  The battles were interesting and bloody often.  I felt you had to be flexible and willing to regroup and or avoid built up areas and go around strong points as the American.  This is not something I have always done in games especially the regrouping part.

Now for few photographs. Click on photographs for larger images.

Germans Holding a Hill


Americans slugging it out with Germans on the hills of Italy

An enjoyable campaign just the same but really good if you switched sides every so often.



2 thoughts on “Club’s Italian Campaign

  1. What a great looking battlefield! Great choice of rules too, I used to play a lot of Spearhead with a friend of mine and have played some brilliant eastern front games in the past.

  2. Thanks, I can’t take credit for the battlefield, Del really put a lot into his battlefields and this is the old stuff he is getting rid of. Spearhead was a rule set the group really bonded around years ago. We had lots of great games with the rules. Most of those players have gone with their figures but we still have the terrain and a number of figures. It was good to get them out and use them again, I had a good time. New members of the club who were not around in the 1990’s when we originally did the campaign also got a lot out of the campaign I think. I must admit I would like to try eastern front games.
    We have one member with modern US and Pakistan figures we have also had some fun with that in the past. I admit not my real interest but makes for some real fun scenarios such as saving the Pakistan Nukes from falling into the wrong hands. The modern helicopter gun ships can be fun.

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