Preparing Game for HMGS Cold Wars

Members of the Wednesday Night Gamers were only running a few games this Cold Wars convention but one was going to be an American Civil War game.  These rules are the work of a friend of Del’s and we have been giving them a test for a while.  I myself like them and like play testing rules for possible publication by others.  Our club has a fair variety of players and size to give quality feedback I believe.

This game was not based on a real battle too my knowledge but is a scenario to help set up various situations to get a feel for parts of the rules.  Myself and others in the club are fairly familiar with the rules and any changes made so far to them.  See past posts for examples of several games.

The game I did not take photographs of both nights but it is my opinion it would be a Confederate victory with George and Del holding the roads.

Click on photograph for larger image.

Union coming on the board towards objective


Confederates hold the road.


Rick’s Union infantry attack the woods full of rebels.


On the other flank my Union infantry force back rebels in the trees and my dismounted cavalry engage the infantry in the road.

Things got ugly on the other flank.  I did not feel my troops would reach the town in any realistic time frame but on the other flank the troops attacked each other.  George charge out of the woods at Rick’s hoards of troops for lots of bloodshed.


George lining up in the edge of the trees for a rebel yell.


Out of the trees and down the slope they come


More feedback was given from this game of course for the designer of the rules and for setting up the scenario at Cold Wars.  Del I am sure made good use of the information.  Some people found the cavalry to be unrealistic and too powerful.  I myself felt that way about the large artillery stands.  They were considered to be so many sections they got to roll a lot of dice.  Really devastating results could be had this way in a short period of time at long-range.

Still the game was fun and this provided a learning experience to help run the game at Cold Wars.


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