HMGS Cold Wars

I attended HMGS Cold Wars again this year and enjoyed myself.  I have gotten use to not staying at the Lancaster Host and work well around that.  As you can see from the below links Cold Wars is something I think about and like to do every year.

The weather was alright it had snowed just a few days before the convention but it did not prove a problem for me.  My wife and I had a good time doing some things in the local area and I enjoyed the convention.  The gaming the dealers hall and the talking with others in the bar.  Though I am slowing down considerably in the last two I believe.

The Host looked better in some places but still has a way to go some things are still falling apart and need to be replaced.  Still I like having the convention at the Host even if I have not chosen to stay their for the last two years.  Perhaps that will change and I will go back to staying at the Host.

The club I game with put on two games.  Kon put on a Battlestar Galactica game which I have no pictures of this year and Del did an American Civil War game using a rules set under development. As talked about in these earlier posts.

Click on photograph for a larger image

Del Stover’s nice terrain for this Civil War battle at Cold Wars 2017


First blood on the Union side.


Convention game players enjoying the game.


Watch out for the flanking cavalry attack.

HMGS Cold Wars offers a wide range of games and that is something I like about the convention.  I will post several of the games I played in future posts to further display this but the next photographs also show this.  On the table next to the American Civil War Game a whole different game was to be had.

A Trekkie one in every crowd I guess


The GM next to us told me he was running a boarding action against Deep Space Nine game.  It got too easy for players to just destroy Deep Space Nine which he ran last year so he had made it a boarding action now.  Something different but really nicely done figures.

Deep Space Nine Model is very impressive.

HMGS Cold Wars a nice gaming convention what ever you choose to play.