On the painting workbench for March 2017

The month of March was a good month for me from the figure painting and wargaming  aspect.  I played in a number of games with the local club and went to the HMGS Cold Wars Convention.  I was kept from gaming by work and the trouble with local public transportation.  I was not able to go to the weekly game nights a number of times in March.  This did let me do some painting though.

I worked away on my French troops for the period of 1859-1870.  I have already a large number painted up but now am filling in holes in the army.  First it was cannon.  Then it was mitrailleuse that I needed to paint up.  Of late it has been brigade and division officers and Zouaves.

Click photograph for lager image

Another French 1st Corp Mitrailleuse


Two of the three stands I completed for the 1st Zouave Regiment


Another view of this high morale unit


The false pockets on the outer jackets of the Zouave regiments is how according to my information.  The false pockets being different colors for each regiment but at 15mm I don’t think anyone can see the difference.  The first regiment had red pockets but again at 15mm who really can make out false pockets you paint on the coats.


A Brigade Commander

I liked the way the brigade commander turned out though I don’t as a rule go in for painting generals.  I did get part way through another two generals in the month of March as well.  One will be another brigade commander and the other a division commander when I finish with them.

So for the month I finished 15 infantry figures.  1 mitrailleuse, 4 gunners and one mounted brigade commander.  Further, I started two more mounted commanders and another battalion of Zouaves.  This is pretty good month for me with my busy schedule.

To see previous month workbench work see here.