Battle of Edgehill from Cold Wars Convention

Not had the ability to get to my local gaming group because of events I won’t get into so thought I would blog about this game. I really liked this game though it is not something I had played before.


My troops from the battle facing the Royalist across the table.

Now this battle took place in 1642 during the English Civil War or the War of the Three Kingdoms as a friend would point out to anyone who needed to know.  The rules set used was The Country is Ours which I have never played before.  The figures were largely by Warlord and I liked.

Playing the Parliament side in the center with infantry and cavalry on either flank facing the same across the table with the Royalist.  The Royalist had better quality cavalry  while the Parliament forces had slightly better Infantry.


Photograph of table before game began.

It was my thinking to try to stand back and let the Royalist come to me while both flanks charged right into the opposing Royalist cavalry.  The infantry to my left moved forward and started to cause damage to the Royalist infantry.  The cavalry went right after each other without no real downtime.

Close up of advancing infantry

As the cavalry beat up on each other I decided to move forward with the infantry.  My infantry was making morale even with the cannon fire at my infantry.  So I moved up closer to the Royalist infantry and found that was the way to really do damage.

The center forces move towards each other.

The flanks both attacked each other.  The Royalist right flank representing the Royalist Prince Rupert’s Cavalry attacked and beat the Parliament Cavalry on that flank.  Meanwhile the Royalist left flank cavalry was destroyed by the Parliament Cavalry on that flank.

The Parliament Cavalry on the Right Wing push the Royalist back.


Prince Rupert and the Royalist Cavalry on the other flank.


The Cavalry on the Royalist left flank being destroyed.

The center of both lines were mostly even both sides had infantry fall back after meeting charges and not doing well in melee and morale.  The Royalist perhaps taking a little worse the wear out of it.  The Royalist cavalry on the Parliament left flank made the roll to keep under control so did not charge off the table.  This looked bad at the time but the infantry were standing up better than I expected to the cavalry.  I thought charging the cavalry with the infantry was not an ideal thing to do but it did slow them down a little not a lot but a little.

Getting across the creek and into man to man combat was a big factor.  It was bloody but more effective than long-range fire.

Pushing Royalist Infantry back in the center.

At the end of time the cavalry were trying to roll up the flanks one side had the Royalist trying to ride down the Parliament Infantry while on the opposite flank the Parliament Cavalry was riding down the Royalist Infantry after defeating the cavalry on that flank. The Parliament Infantry were in better shape in the center than Royalist having won more melees and made more morale rolls.  It was a good game and moved right along. Lots of dice were used but that was alright with me.

Two awards were given out one on each side they ended up going to the two cavalry commanders who had defeated the forces opposite them.  I would definitely play this rules set and battle again.  It was an interesting battle it might be good to play cavalry next time.