Painting Workbench for April 2017

Continuing my plan to write about my figure painting workbench every month took me some time to write this time.  Like many posts these days I am late in writing something.  I have decided not to include any pictures for the month of April as it largely was a repeat of the month of March.

Trying to complete the long-term goal of having complete armies for Austria, Prussia, France, Bavaria and Saxony for the period of 1859 through 1870, I continued to paint French troops.  Just like last month it was filling the wholes in troop types of my French Infantry Corp.  I needed Zouaves, Turco and Mounted Officers.  This month I painted 2 stands of 3 stand unit of the 2nd Zouave Regiment and two mounted Brigade Commanders.  Very similar to last month.

This was a total of 10 infantry and 2 mounted commanders.  Not as good as in past months even though I feel I have gotten faster with a good process for painting I have been very busy with other things. Getting closer and closer to the goal still.  I got some unpainted lead on eBay recently to help me with any missing figures I needed.  Still you have to paint them.