Not Posted Anything in a While

I admit to not taking the time to post anything in a while. I actually was very busy with life events and did not make it too much in the way of wargames so had less to say on this. I would only make it to one game then not make it for a number of weeks so would not finish the battle so did not post anything Baseball season and just responsibilities hurt my gaming and posting not to mention painting. It is hard to paint figures when your wife expects you to be working in the yard with her. I found time just is not available and perhaps I am going to have to get use to this and find an alternative to painting my own figures, as it takes too long when you have no time.


I really do still find painting figures enjoyable though and would like not give it up. Lack of time now just seems to be holding me back from painting. At this time in my life, I understand my role at home and know I cannot just ignore them so perhaps painting figures and war-gaming even though I enjoy them now will go to the bottom of the list of things to be done. Unfortunate but true.