Battle of the Somme stand at Delville Woods

As I mentioned in an earlier post I decided to get into a game after enjoying the rules and scenario put on by a game master earlier in the day. I got lucky right after finishing the game and talking with the game master I went to the game desk and found one ticket left for the game so got it for that evening.

Click on photograph for larger image

German pre-game bombardment seen from the German Trenches the South African’s in their light trenches


So I moved from the East Front to the West Front World War I. This time we faced off against South African troops vs German troops in the Delville Wood during the Battle of the Somme . The German goal is to pinch of the bulge in the lines along the Somme front.   Once again, I have to complement the game master Troy Turner on the terrain and figures. My command was the German corner of the table with the contested town and the trench line next to it. Added to a game somethings I have never used in a game were German World War I storm troops with flamethrowers.   I alas had no troops with flamethrowers.

The terrain representative of the devastation of the Western Front


The German Center with Storm Troopers waiting to go over the top once the barrage stops


Games started with an intense artillery barrage on the South Africans were every unit had to roll for damage to reflect the pre-attack barrage that historically happened. As most dice rolling related things some units survived unscathed, others were hit but none seriously enough to force them out of the defenses. The contested town gave both my units and the South Africans good cover better than the rest of the South African forces as it was considered heavy fortifications. This would be important and led to a grinding fight for in the town.

The German sniper and troops await the orders to take the forward trenches


No, I was not very satisfied with the pre-game artillery bombardment it was the luck of the dice. I tried to just slug it out with fire infantry and artillery but was very ineffective just occasionally scoring hits. Meanwhile the other flank saw the German player come over no man’s land during the 2nd turn. Tough fight for me so I thought the other flank would be thrown back. My snipers were missing so no luck with this then my forward unit in the town got hit by artillery with a good roll. Lost the sniper and machine gunner in that unit.

The town or what was left of it started in my possession with South African troops really close to me and the town would be hotly contested


In the center, the German players prepared the way with fire over several turns hitting the trench with various types of fire. The casualties for both sides were mounting up. Then the center charged and hit the South African trench line. There elite storm troops with flamethrowers really causing damage. The other side across from me on the old side of the table also saw the Germans trying to throw the South Africans out of the forward trench line. The elite troops of the Germans really proved to be deadly, the South Africans have only light trenches which did not help either.


Therefore, we were seeing brutal fighting for the town both sides staying put, the South Africans falling back in the center and on the other flank. Then came yet another couple of surprises one for me and one for the South Africans. For me the South Africans in the town decided to charge and get really close with my troops who had been reduced by artillery fire. Did not see this coming as the South Africans really looked like they needed to fall back in the center and other flank. Then the Germans launched a mustard gas attack, the gas floating towards the South African trench line. I admit I did not expect this and it looked cool.

German troops on my flank attack after the mustard gas attack


The charge worried me but the South Africans stopped short of my troops and were shot up at short-range. I moved fresh troops over from the trench line to attack into the side of the town and the South African troops. I was able to do this as the South Africans falling back in the center and flanks had moved back from the forward trenches as the gas moved towards them. Surprised by the aggressive moves I was but I was able to hold on and push back the South Africans.

First time I had ever been in a game with a gas attack as you see the German gas attack force the allied troops back from the forward trenches


Ultimately, the game was a German victory with the South Africans being beat up in the middle and falling back. Nice terrain again I felt it was really well done. The figures also were nice figures and again make me want to gravitate to the First World War. The rules are easy and ones I like to play for this period at least. The gas attack was a neat effect and the Stormtroopers with flamethrowers was neat and deadly.

Allied troops are pushed back by the elite storm troopers from the German center trenches pushing the allies back from the second trench line

I am most likely a little too conservative when playing this period I think. I want to cause as many casualties with artillery fire before charging in and many of the players around me just charged taking what ever happened on the way in without worry. This though sounds realistic tactics from the period though so I would say it was the way to go. Good game and I enjoyed myself.

Saturday Morning HMGS Cold Wars East Front World War I Game

Saturday early morning game played East Front World War I. The Battle of Limonowa was put on and used a modified version of Fire and Fury as a rules system. This pitted the Austrian-Hungarian troop’s vs the Russians. As I am interested in the battles of the east front without all the trenches this game was something I was looking forward too. I commanded the Austrian-Hungarian forces on far end of one flank three companies and tried to go straight in at the first line of rifle pits. With no artillery, support as I missed with my one gun and the person next to me missed with two guns things did not go well for the Austrian-Hungarian forces.

Click on photograph for larger image

Austrian-Hungarian Flank with Limanowa I thought I would just head down the railroad line but those troops were shot to bits by the Russians in the trenches


There was very little subtleness about this game. The other Austrian players went straight in only my forces were stuck not moving taking fire and one company moving into the forest to outflank the rifle pits. Meanwhile the rest of the regiment under the player next to me over the next several hours rolled incredible dice. He missed repeatedly needing 1-5 on a ten-sided dice to get any artillery fire. Meanwhile he moved his forces through the woods that counted as rough terrain at half speed of 4 inches when he rolled well enough to move at all. This is compared to the other players who fired disorder some parts of the Russian trench lines and then charged the Russians. The Austrian-Hungarians just went in with the bayonet and overran the enemy. I must admit I never really got into that kind of range of the Russians. The Russians were pushed back flanked in areas and fell back out of lines towards the rear and the train station.

These two Russian Trench Lines were overrun as Austrian-Hungarian forces charged them and took them with the bayonet, important for the Austrians in this game



The Austrians take the Russian trenches and break through the flank


Then the Austrian-Hungarian artillery came alive and hit the Russian lines around the train station in the rear. This was the objective for the Austrians-Hungarian forces that I did not mention. The Russians lost artillery and troops, which further hurt their chances of holding on to their position. The Russian forces had been forced out of their positions by fire, charges and maneuver. With very little left to defend the area the game ended early as the Austrian-Hungarian forces were declared the victors. For me it was the forces on the other side that did all the heavy lifting. There charges into the Russian lines did everything that was necessary. The Austrian-Hungarian forces under my command had four fresh companies ready to come into the fight but they were not necessary.

The Austrians have broken through in numerous places forcing the Russians back towards the train stations which is the victory condition. The Photographs don’t do the artillery explosion markers justice they were very inventive

I admit to not doing a lot of combat in the game but I did enjoy the game. This game won a prize from HMGS Cold War Convention while we were playing so it gives you some idea of how good it was. The paint job on the figures I thought were good for 15mm they really looked good. The black smoke puffs with little lights inside them for artillery strikes were a neat touch, very creative. The rules set is really good and I liked it so I end up signing up for another game being put on by the same Game Master (Troy Turner) using the same rules that evening taking place on the Western Front during World War I

Another interesting Game I played at HMGS Cold Wars

Played an interesting game set during the siege of Vienna. This was the battle of Pressburg. It used a rules set that I had never used before though most of the players at the table I was at had a copy. The battle of using 15mm figures and the rules that is translated from a polish version of the rules. The rules are By Fire & Sword. The period is interesting to me and I have ottoman troops so wanted to give this a try. The Game Master said it was his first attempt at designing a scenario but I thought it was good. Victory for the Imperial forces was to either get the Brandenburg infantry unit over to the Ottoman set up area or a minor victory getting a dragoon unit. The Ottomans only would achieve victory by stopping these things from happening.

To me the rules were complex and had many little nuances that you had to think about and plan a head I felt. I did like the command control rules, which allowed for some strategy and psychology making one side think you were going to do something when you really were not. It is a rules for broad set of time ECW, GNW, Scania War, Polish-Lithuanian, 30 years’ war. Still looked good on my first playing of the rules.

Click image for larger picture

Nice looking Ottoman lancers facing off against the Imperial forces in the center

Like many games, you play during a convention I do not think all the players were paying attention to the victory conditions but I and the player on my right were. I had some dragoons and heavy cavalry and the player to my left had the Brandenburg infantry unit and cavalry units so we thought we would shield the infantry with the cavalry and try to reach the enemy set up zone. Therefore, we started slow. I put my cavalry on defensive orders while I put them in double lines waiting for the Ottoman lancers. I did dismount my dragoons to fire up any enemy cavalry that came into range.

My cavalry screening the Brandenburg infantry as we try to gain victory


Our slow movement forward was very different to the other two imperialist players who made fast time meeting the Ottomans in the middle of the field in massive charges. Lots of carnage with very bloody results both sides by devastated by the constant combat. After shooting up some cavalry with my Dragoons and losing one cavalry unit I through in my veteran cuirassier, who got to shoot pistols on the way in and had an armor value of six. With my attached leader, I ended up beating the opposing cavalry. In the end, we were going to get my cavalry and the infantry into the deployment zone so were declared the victors.

Nice looking Ottoman cavalry advancing to charge with deadly lances

The rules are complex but I liked them. I especially liked the command control and ability of the different troops spelled out for the players. I ended up buying a set of rules from dealer latter who was the games master. Long term not sure what I will do but I ended up buying the rules they will work with my 28mm figures I understand.

English Civil War Game I played at HMGS Cold Wars Convention

Went once more to HMGS Cold Wars at the Lancaster Host Resort. I did not stay at the Host again this year but I did enjoy the place I did stay at again this year. Don’t know what the future will bring but I do enjoy the Lancaster area and both my wife and I enjoy the area.

I had pre-registered and I felt that the registration area just flowed well Thursday night when I stopped by to pick up my registration. Liked the way it was handled by the convention staff volunteers they deserve congratulations for handling it so well. The information booth where you come in the front door is a great idea. For me the convention was well handled. In addition, I had no games I was signed up for canceled for a change, which was nice. Had a bit of bad luck this last couple of years with some games I was interested in getting into being cancelled. Many games to choose from that I would have liked to get into this year but too much overlap. I ended up just playing two games a day Friday and Saturday. A very slow down for me from the late 80’s and early 90’s I am showing my age and I am happy with that.

First game I played was an English Civil War game called Protestants, Catholics, Cavaliers and Roundheads put on by John Hollier. Nice figures 28 mm from many different manufactures including some plastic figures. They all looked good together on the table. The goal of the game was to have the Royalist to hold the town in the center vs the parliamentarian Roundheads. I commanded the Royalist Left Flank with two infantry units and three cavalry units. The Royalist Center had mostly infantry units, some dismounted dragoons, a field gun and one cavalry unit. The Royalist Right Flank had a combination of infantry and cavalry like the left flank. The center had a waterway surrounding it with a bridge and two fords otherwise, the terrain was pretty wide open and clear.


The War of the Three Kingdoms to use the correct terminology for the period is an interesting period to me for the troops, dragoons fight dismounted, cavalry still has the heavy shock value at this time and infantry need to carry pikes to negate the power of cavalry. The infantry firepower is growing but they still are vulnerable to the shock value of cavalry. Not having to have distinct uniforms for all your troops’ kind of appeals to me. Lots of sides to choose from and battles to fight, good variety. The rules used were home rules from the GM of the game and I would say I liked them after only one time playing them. They were easy to understand and flowed I thought pretty well. An I go you go system with a bloody combat results table.

Click picture for larger image

Royalist Center send out dismounted Dragoons and awaiting Roundheads to cross the waterway


Here comes the Roundhead cavalry at my flank, I focused on them the whole game perhaps too much

On the Royalist Left flank, I concentrated on the cavalry we were evenly matched number wise though I decided to dismount my one unit of Dragoons and use the firepower to inflict casualties on the enemy infantry. After forming my two infantry units into blocks in the rear, I chose to charge the two oncoming parliamentarian cavalry units holding my other cavalry unit in reserve. I had fixated on the cavalry worried my infantry would be too weak to hold out. Still the cavalry was evenly matched. We were locked for several turns no one gaining an advantage until we each had one unit fail morale and fall back. This did cause my unit in reserve to go to shaken for seeing the route and not making the morale roll. Next came a decision I regret. I had the choice use the cavalry unit that one the fight to go after the fleeing parliament cavalry that had routed or turn to face the other cavalry unit that had one its combat. I decided to turn and face the new threat.

First grand melee with the cavalry on the flank took many rolls but we each routed one unit


Turned to face the fresh cavalry with my victorious cavalry unit while I awaited a charge with another.

My reasoning for this at the time was he was turning on my side. The unit was in good shape and I felt lucky with it. If I continued to chase the routed unit if I hit it would disperse but I ran the risk of running off the table if I did not make a morale roll. Further, the Parliamentarians center was moving a fresh cavalry unit in my direction. This unit has a very nice flag by the way.


Why I regret the move. I ended up locked in combat for 3 turns with the other unit as we tied each turn doing little to no damage. This allowed the fleeing parliament cavalry a chance to recover which they did and then I received a charge in the locked units’ side. This caused too much damage and after several more dice ties, I lost the melee and failed morale. This unit would then by charged while routing and disperse. The fresh reserve cavalry unit who failed morale and routed off the board never seeing any combat witnessed this. I was disappointed with that result though it was most likely historically accurate.


Meanwhile the Royalist Center just ground each other down with fire though it did lose the cavalry unit from long-range infantry fire. The Royalist dragoons though did mess up two parliament infantry units and that was helpful. The center for a while I did not think would hold but between the dragoons and the infantry they were pushing most of the parliament forces back in the center.

The Royalist center field gun, dragoons and infantry trading blows with the Roundheads


The Royalist Right Flank in many ways was very similar to the left with grand cavalry charges and countercharges. The long flanking movement by the one royalist cavalry unit I thought was a great idea and kept some parliament forces out of the fight as they ended up having to reverse course and face the new threat. Good maneuver that helped out the center and left in the end.


Towards the end of the game, I changed the layout of my infantry to maximize their firepower and did some damage as the parliament forces got into range with infantry fire. While they were disordered and no longer fresh, I then charged the enemy infantry with good results. Though it was leaving me to face some cavalry all of which had taken hits, I felt decent about the chances taking most if not everything with me.

Some of my infantry which I did not think would be useful charging in with the pike and routing the Roundhead infantry


The game was bloody and overall I think the Royalist would have lost though they were declared the victor. Hard to say as we had really ground each other down but I do not know that unless you were willing to play another additional hour or two the Parliament would have taken the town.

The Royalist still in control of the center at the end of the game


Interesting rules, which caused the cavalry to roll after victory to see if it continues to charge. If you don’t make your morale roll you just keep going. Sure, you might hit another unit even if you want to but you could also just keep going of the table. I actually liked this rule, though you could never be blown which allowed for lots of charges by units. I was fixated on the cavalry but it was my infantry that were the real decider in this game. The Dragoons in the center also proved to play a pivotal part in holding the lines.


Battle of Edgehill from Cold Wars Convention

Not had the ability to get to my local gaming group because of events I won’t get into so thought I would blog about this game. I really liked this game though it is not something I had played before.


My troops from the battle facing the Royalist across the table.

Now this battle took place in 1642 during the English Civil War or the War of the Three Kingdoms as a friend would point out to anyone who needed to know.  The rules set used was The Country is Ours which I have never played before.  The figures were largely by Warlord and I liked.

Playing the Parliament side in the center with infantry and cavalry on either flank facing the same across the table with the Royalist.  The Royalist had better quality cavalry  while the Parliament forces had slightly better Infantry.


Photograph of table before game began.

It was my thinking to try to stand back and let the Royalist come to me while both flanks charged right into the opposing Royalist cavalry.  The infantry to my left moved forward and started to cause damage to the Royalist infantry.  The cavalry went right after each other without no real downtime.

Close up of advancing infantry

As the cavalry beat up on each other I decided to move forward with the infantry.  My infantry was making morale even with the cannon fire at my infantry.  So I moved up closer to the Royalist infantry and found that was the way to really do damage.

The center forces move towards each other.

The flanks both attacked each other.  The Royalist right flank representing the Royalist Prince Rupert’s Cavalry attacked and beat the Parliament Cavalry on that flank.  Meanwhile the Royalist left flank cavalry was destroyed by the Parliament Cavalry on that flank.

The Parliament Cavalry on the Right Wing push the Royalist back.


Prince Rupert and the Royalist Cavalry on the other flank.


The Cavalry on the Royalist left flank being destroyed.

The center of both lines were mostly even both sides had infantry fall back after meeting charges and not doing well in melee and morale.  The Royalist perhaps taking a little worse the wear out of it.  The Royalist cavalry on the Parliament left flank made the roll to keep under control so did not charge off the table.  This looked bad at the time but the infantry were standing up better than I expected to the cavalry.  I thought charging the cavalry with the infantry was not an ideal thing to do but it did slow them down a little not a lot but a little.

Getting across the creek and into man to man combat was a big factor.  It was bloody but more effective than long-range fire.

Pushing Royalist Infantry back in the center.

At the end of time the cavalry were trying to roll up the flanks one side had the Royalist trying to ride down the Parliament Infantry while on the opposite flank the Parliament Cavalry was riding down the Royalist Infantry after defeating the cavalry on that flank. The Parliament Infantry were in better shape in the center than Royalist having won more melees and made more morale rolls.  It was a good game and moved right along. Lots of dice were used but that was alright with me.

Two awards were given out one on each side they ended up going to the two cavalry commanders who had defeated the forces opposite them.  I would definitely play this rules set and battle again.  It was an interesting battle it might be good to play cavalry next time.

Battle of Tagliamento 1917

Click Photographs for a larger image

German and Austro-Hungarian troops spread out to cross the Tagliamento River.


One of the things I try to do at wargaming conventions is play games that in period that I don’t regularly get to play.  Large conventions like HMGS Cold Wars really give you the chance to experience lots of periods and rules sets.  Not to mention people will often have really nice figures  to look at as well. I also admit to an interest in the Eastern and Italian Front of World War 1, which no one plays much.

This year I played in the Battle of Tagliamento 1917 with Kurt Schlegel & the Hawks as GM.  This was a 10mm game using Take Action! rules.  The battle takes place along the Tagliamento River in Italy as the Italians are falling back after the German and Austrian Hungarian forces have broken through on the Isonzo Front.

I actually wanted to play the Austrians but with everyone wanting to be an Austrian player I opted for playing the Italians.  I commanded the right flank that included part of the front trench line and a town. The other two players controlled the rest of the front trench line and the second trench line.

The Austrian/German right flank on the other side of the board from me made the rolls and really made good progress.  They also paid for this with the most casualties.  The German unit was the first unit wiped out.

My forward trenches are being shelled and the enemy has not even crossed the river yet.


The View from my forward trench on the Italian right flank the unit in the trench next to the town was the hero of the game.

Every so often you have a game with a unit that defies the odds.  It makes the impossible morale rolls and stands against much better units. This game would have that, the unit behind the trench would be forced back once but I would send it back to the trench.  I would loose the unit and trench next to it and the town and be surrounded but still survive.  The unit would go down to the bad morale for having all the other stands destroyed.  Still I would make the morale roll.  I would make 14 saving rolls in a row with it and it would survive the game in the same trench.  Like the Roman Legions of old it stood.

Smoke puffs denote both sides artillery hammering at each other, at least you get a saving throw in a trench.


The Central Powers have crossed the river now things will get really get tough on the Italians.


The other board edge the enemy just keeps coming.


The town and center of the first line of trenches have fallen but still the one stand fights on standing like an Italian stone wall.

It looked bad at the point in the game in the above image.  The center of the first trench line had been busted through and the town next to it had also fallen.  I had to remove my artillery observer from the town. The Italian right flank was still standing in the first trench line but waves of Austrians were coming towards them.

The other Italian flank was seeing it share of carnage going toe to toe with the enemy.


Late in the game the Austrian forces have forced their way through on the left flank.

At the point in the above picture I was really worried about the Italians.  I had not been able to move my reserves up to the first trench line for a counter attack.  The Austrians had taken the town and were pushing through in multiple spots on the front.  Still not without a price the grey pipe cleaners are hits and a stand can only take three hits.  The Austrians had taken a beating and gone down a unit morale level.

The second Italian trench line awaits the enemy attack.


The Italians flank is starting to crumble.


The other Italian player led a spirited counter attack which cost both sides men.

At this point the center of the first trench line had collapsed.  So he went for the victory point objective of the town on the end of the second trench line.  As one of the Austrian players said it sounded like a good idea at the time.  He got out in the open between fire from my reserves that I had in a corn field and had turned towards him my light artillery and the second trench line fire he was blown away.  The open is a dangerous place to be in these rules no saving throws.  Machine gun fire even if does not damage suppresses you and you can’t move.

Austrian infantry caught out in the open on the road.


Austrian casualties force a unit morale roll which is failed.


Just one stand left in the Italian first trench line but no one can stop him.

The Italians had held the left flank, destroying the German unit and forcing a morale failure on an Austrian unit.  The center was broken through but stopped before the second trench line as Austrian loses caused a morale failure.  The first trench was broken through on the right flank but the Austrians were down a morale level because of casualties and one more hit from having to take a unit morale roll.

When I started I felt the Italians would not be able to hold. The Central Powers medium and heavy guns were really deadly.  I usually am not the biggest fan of rules sets with saving throws but I know it is what saved me.  I may not have rolled well in shooting but I won most melee and made saving throws for the trenches.  I have no experience really with rules for this period but I liked these ones.  The rules were easy to understand and flowed I thought.

While helping clean up the game I could see what could have changed things.  The Central Powers spread out against the Italians.  If they just chose a place to hit them like the Italian right flank and concentrated all their forces on point they would bust through and right into the corner of the second trench line and the objective.  They defused their numerical advantage by spreading the troops all over.  It was a fun game, and good to play something new.



HMGS Cold Wars

I attended HMGS Cold Wars again this year and enjoyed myself.  I have gotten use to not staying at the Lancaster Host and work well around that.  As you can see from the below links Cold Wars is something I think about and like to do every year.

The weather was alright it had snowed just a few days before the convention but it did not prove a problem for me.  My wife and I had a good time doing some things in the local area and I enjoyed the convention.  The gaming the dealers hall and the talking with others in the bar.  Though I am slowing down considerably in the last two I believe.

The Host looked better in some places but still has a way to go some things are still falling apart and need to be replaced.  Still I like having the convention at the Host even if I have not chosen to stay their for the last two years.  Perhaps that will change and I will go back to staying at the Host.

The club I game with put on two games.  Kon put on a Battlestar Galactica game which I have no pictures of this year and Del did an American Civil War game using a rules set under development. As talked about in these earlier posts.

Click on photograph for a larger image

Del Stover’s nice terrain for this Civil War battle at Cold Wars 2017


First blood on the Union side.


Convention game players enjoying the game.


Watch out for the flanking cavalry attack.

HMGS Cold Wars offers a wide range of games and that is something I like about the convention.  I will post several of the games I played in future posts to further display this but the next photographs also show this.  On the table next to the American Civil War Game a whole different game was to be had.

A Trekkie one in every crowd I guess


The GM next to us told me he was running a boarding action against Deep Space Nine game.  It got too easy for players to just destroy Deep Space Nine which he ran last year so he had made it a boarding action now.  Something different but really nicely done figures.

Deep Space Nine Model is very impressive.

HMGS Cold Wars a nice gaming convention what ever you choose to play.


Preparing Game for HMGS Cold Wars

Members of the Wednesday Night Gamers were only running a few games this Cold Wars convention but one was going to be an American Civil War game.  These rules are the work of a friend of Del’s and we have been giving them a test for a while.  I myself like them and like play testing rules for possible publication by others.  Our club has a fair variety of players and size to give quality feedback I believe.

This game was not based on a real battle too my knowledge but is a scenario to help set up various situations to get a feel for parts of the rules.  Myself and others in the club are fairly familiar with the rules and any changes made so far to them.  See past posts for examples of several games.

The game I did not take photographs of both nights but it is my opinion it would be a Confederate victory with George and Del holding the roads.

Click on photograph for larger image.

Union coming on the board towards objective


Confederates hold the road.


Rick’s Union infantry attack the woods full of rebels.


On the other flank my Union infantry force back rebels in the trees and my dismounted cavalry engage the infantry in the road.

Things got ugly on the other flank.  I did not feel my troops would reach the town in any realistic time frame but on the other flank the troops attacked each other.  George charge out of the woods at Rick’s hoards of troops for lots of bloodshed.


George lining up in the edge of the trees for a rebel yell.


Out of the trees and down the slope they come


More feedback was given from this game of course for the designer of the rules and for setting up the scenario at Cold Wars.  Del I am sure made good use of the information.  Some people found the cavalry to be unrealistic and too powerful.  I myself felt that way about the large artillery stands.  They were considered to be so many sections they got to roll a lot of dice.  Really devastating results could be had this way in a short period of time at long-range.

Still the game was fun and this provided a learning experience to help run the game at Cold Wars.


Got My Registration Back For Cold Wars 2017

I sent my registration by old snail mail just a few days ago and heard back already.  I am impressed by the turn around time nice job.  I have been going to the HMGS Cold Wars convention since before it started to be held at the Lancaster Host.  I don’t go to that many wargaming conventions but I go to Cold Wars every year.

HMGS Cold Wars Convention 2016

I will admit that the last two years I have thought twice about it.  Not 100% sure why but lately have had second thoughts about going for the whole convention.  This will be only the third time in 26 years I will not be staying at the hotel the convention is in or associated with.  Last year and this year that is by choice.

More games from HMGS Cold Wars

Made it to the HMGS Cold Wars Convention in Lancaster

For many years I have been an ardent supporter of the Lancaster Host but I saw things of late that kind of changed my mind.  Still I have plenty of good memories at the Host and have enjoyed many games at Cold Wars so will participate again.

HMGS Cold Wars Convention 2016

This year was the nicest weather I had seen during the Cold Wars Convention in years. I was getting use to snowstorms to be honest. Even though the weather was much, better than last year it did look like attendance was down this year. That is what I had heard and noticed myself having a number of canceled games I registered for. The figure I heard was 20% but I will not claim that figure to be accurate.

I enjoyed myself no matter what the circumstance and was aware of the attempt to sell the Lancaster Host just before the convention was held. Again, many people have written I believe on this topic and I will not go into it. This issue did not keep me from attending and as of the publishing of this post; the Lancaster Host has been sold. Again, I have no comment on this other than to hope that new owners fix the place up and keep it up. I did for the first time in more than 20 years not stay at the host for a variety of reasons including the poor condition of the property.

The negatives aside, I did enjoy the games I played in and the vendor’s hall. I even bought a few painted French Franco-Prussian War cavalry in the flea market this year. Unlike some of the other members of the club I belong too usually find many things in the flea market. The vendor hall was also great I thought as I bought some things like every year. It did appear to have a dealer or two less than usual but that is not something that I get bent out of shape over.

The Wednesday Night Wargamers of Alexandria put on a number of games in the lobby of the Lancaster Host this year. Kon had some Battlestar Gallactica games that seem well attended using Full Thrust rules. Del put on some American Civil War games using Johnny Reb. Rick had a couple of pulp fiction games with nice buildings and terrain. This shows just a fraction of the variety of figures the group has and plays which is nice.



Ricks Steampunk Pulp Fiction Game

                                        Rick’s Steampunk Pulp Fiction Game


Del's desert adventure game

                                             Del’s desert adventure game



I took few pictures this year but did get some of the game I played in put on by Bruce Weigle using his new 1871 rules for the Franco-Prussian War. The fast play rules I really have to say I like. It was the battle of Sedan and the goal for the French commander (Me) was to exit as many troops as I could before I was totally surrounded. A tall order believe me.





Huge Battle of Sedan put on by Game Master Bruce Weigle

                         Huge Battle of Sedan put on by Game Master Bruce Weigle



Prussians moving to block the French escape from Sedan

                      Prussians moving to block the French escape from Sedan

French Corp defending against the invaders.

                              French Corps defending against the invaders.

More French move to fight off capture

                                         More French move to fight off capture

Bavarians close in from the south at Sedan

                                Bavarians close in from the south at Sedan



We were a little short of players and therefore had to push a lot of lead but I found the game very enjoyable. The game was tense and well-played by both sides I thought. The terrain and figures Bruce brought were great. He really puts on very good games and his knowledge on the subject is superb. In the end, we were forced to pick up early, as the next group to use the table needed a lot of time to set up. Did we the French totally escape the trap at Sedan? No, did we do a little better than history yes and I think we would have done even better given time. A really good game.

Strong French Right Flank

                                                        Strong French Right Flank

Huge battle with great figures and terrain!

                                  Huge battle with great figures and terrain!

These French won't go down without a fight.

                              These French won’t go down without a fight.

I enjoyed the convention and plan on going again next year. Don’t know if I will stay at the Host or not but with a new owner perhaps. I will not attend Historicon as it falls on a bad time for me. As for the HMGS Fall-In Convention in 2016. I have not been to that convention in sometime but think I might give it a shot this year but will need to make a decision when we get closer to the convention time.


WNGA Battlestar Galactica Game

                                   WNGA Battlestar Galactica Game

Kon says the Colonial Forces did not do well in this game

                Kon says the Colonial Forces did not do well in this game